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Hermione for Landlords

Property Management


Hassle-free property management and more time for you

Have you got a decommissioned house you need help with? Do you want to rent your apartment without any hassle?

Don’t worry! Hermione for Landlords, our Property Management service, is the right solution for you!

Through Hermione for Landlords, we take care of your home, we put it in place and make it a source of income for you.

What is Hermione for Landlords?

Hermione for Landlords is our third-party living and holiday homes management service.

If you have an empty house and you don’t know how to develop it, or you simply have no time to do it, with our Property Management Services, we can…:

  • Take over the management;

  • Take care of the accommodation and any restoration works;

  • Rent it out for you to reliable tenants.

All this in total safety and security as we subscribe to a mutual insurance in case of any damages.


In this way, we take care of your home and you save time and can spend more time on everyday activities, hobbies and your friends and family.

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