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Welcome to the new Hermione Homes website!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

From today you can visit the new Hermione Homes website, with a new graphic design, new functions and also a new logo. Visit, book your home in London or in Puglia and tell us what you think!

We have the pleasure to welcome you to the new Hermione Homes website!

In the last months, we have worked on many new features to guarantee you a better experience and engagement. At Hermione Homes, we want to give you all the same happiness, the pleasure and the relaxation you experience when you live in your own home…

Hermione Homes wants to be #YourHomeAwayFromYourHome

More social, more engagement, your happiness

For these reasons, first of all, we have tried to give more energy to the Hermione Homes’ social pages on Facebook and Instagram. We posted about our work, our travels and what we were doing in order to let you know all the latest news. All in the name of warmth and participation that we want to distinguish ourselves and that we want to give you.

And in fact, we didn’t choose the new logo by ourselves, but we allowed you to do it with a special contest and with a vote that brought about what you see above to be the new Hermione Homes logo.

A new graphic design

In the meanwhile, in the backstage, we worked on our new website. We wanted to give it a new graphic design, making it fresher and more elegant than before. Now green is the reference colour, but we decided to lighten it with a major presence of white and make it look more precious with a hint of gold, just like the new logo.

Do you like it? We love it!

New functions

Moreover, we also have brought many new features from a technical and organizational point of view.

First of all, we have introduced a new booking platform, synchronised with other main platforms like So, you can easily book your holiday with a short stay in Puglia or rent your home in London!

In addition, we have introduced a new quick chat and have worked with a new website developer, with a sharper division of our services, to make everything more easily accessible to you. With the addition of this new blog, of which this is only the first of many posts!

Thanks to this blog, we want to update you about everything that happening at Hermione Homes and tell you more about what happens in London and Puglia, which can enjoy and is of interest to you.

Or at least this is what we hope… Please, tell us what you would like to read or be updated about... ;)

Remembering our services

So, visit the new website, sections and functions, and book your next trip!

With Hermione Homes you can find your home away from home.

If you need:

  • a home in the Southfields district of London for a long period, a property that is elegant, comfortable and sustainable;

  • a home in Martina Franca, in the heart of the Itrian Valley, in Puglia, in the warmth and sunshine of Southern of Italy, for your holidays and travel in the name of tradition, good food and naturality;

  • or to rent your own property, delegating care and management.

Hermione Homes can help you to find the best solution suited to your needs, and is always available to meet your requirements halfway.

Now we need you!

At last, we want to ask three further “favours”:

  1. First of all, please, register now here in order to stay up to date about Hermione Homes, to receive our offers and help make our services even better;

  2. In addition, go to our Facebook and Instagram pages and activate notifications to become an active member of our community;

  3. Comment below about the new, tell us what you think and what you’d prefer, and, please, share this post with your friends to let everyone know the possibility to discover their own home away from home, whether in London or in the Itrian Valley, in Puglia.

Finally, many thank to Letizia, Tony and Giuseppe for their contribution and above all to Anna Quaranta, the great and always enthusiast Anglo-Italian entrepreneur who made all of this possible!

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