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The great music events of Puglian August

Weeks of great music in the Itria Valley: techno, pop, house… without renouncing the identity linked to the territory. From VIVA! to Locus festivals, wonderful evengings in the name of fun, show and Italian and Worldwide music and culture!

It's a fantastic beginning August in the wonderful Puglia and above all in Locorotondo!

In this magic town, little jewel of the Itria Valley, two great international music events have taken or are still taking place: the VIVA! Festival and the Locus Festival.

These are some of the most important music shows of Southern Italy, days of concerts that have attracted thousands of people from each part of Italy and Europe.


The VIVA! Festival has arrived to its third consecutive edition in the Itria Valley and is the Summer version of ClubToClub, the avant-pop international festival of Turin.

From the 1st to the 4th of August, the VIVA! Festival has offered very beautiful and involving shows combining innovation and tradition, its modern spirit and the ancient and rustic souls of the territory: "an interpretation that is based on a wide imaginary connected to avant-pop and to the languages of the contemporary". Read more about VIVA! here...

From the British Jon Hopkins to the Italian Napoli Segreta, from the German Apparat to the American Yves Tumor, dozens of artists coming from all around the world have followed each other on the stage for the pleasure of a very diverse audience for extraction, age, origins and so on...


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The other great and very famous music event that is happening in Locorotondo is the Locus Festival.

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Our CEO Anna Quaranta with her family at the Locus Festival - Hermione Homes

Began in 2005 as a local festival, in a few years the Locus has soon become one the most interesting festivals of Italian and European Summers, perfectly mixing art exibitions, local tradition and international music.

As you can read on its website, «everything in Locus, from the name, the logo, the poster art and the local context is “glocal”; in the enhancement of the site is open to the whole artistic, tourism awareness, overcoming geographical boundaries, personal, economic, stylistic».

In the 2019 edition, from the 27th of July to the 17th of August, has yet viewed on its stage great Italian and stranger songers like:

  • MS Lauryn Hill

  • Mahmood, winner of the last Sanremo Festival

  • Calcutta

And many others.

However, Locus is not only music: along with these great concerts, there are several initiatives to enhance the Puglian food and wine tradition, literary and musical culture meetings, and promoting actions in order to contain the environmental impact, according to that sustainable spirit that we embrace very much.


Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful places of Puglia, but not the only one...

Discover the most beautiful and interesting localities of Puglia and Itria Valley

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