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Puglia, simply the best…

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Some months ago, it was reported that Puglia was the best region of the world. Was it fake news or not?

We found out in recent reports some months ago that three giant publishers like National Geographic, New York Times and Lonely Planet recognised Puglia as "the best region of the world".

Then we discovered it was fake news. And we also discovered that the first fake news was in fact real news.

What do we mean?

It’s true: none of these publishers announced it. They published their lists of the best holiday destinations (and among these places we obviously found Puglia), but no prizes were awarded to our region.

No need for awards or recognition, we know it’s true, that is Puglia is the most beautiful region in the world.


Would you like to learn or improve your Italian Language in Puglia?

Discover "Puglia & Matera 2019" from 4 to 11 September in Villa San Domenico!



Puglia is absolutely the best region of the world! And we're not the only ones to say it! These images testify it…

Where else can you find a turquoise sea like this, in Porto Badisco?

sun, sea, blue, Puglia, Porto Badisco, relaxation, beautiful
Porto Badisco - Hermione Homes

Where else can you find millennial olive trees like these?

Or where can you find a characteristic trullo?

Villa San Domenico, Martina Franca - Hermione Homes

We could continue endlessly… but we don’t want to. Instead we want to invite you to see it with your own eyes…

Visit Puglia! Discover the Baroque town of Martina Franca, the white houses of Locorotondo, the Castellana Caves and so on.

You can retrace some of the most suggestive stages of the Grand Tour, savour the taste of a rich and ancient cuisine and immerse yourself in an ancient culture, which has its roots in Magna Græcia.

If you want, you can stay at one of our traditional homes, a trullo like Villa San Domenico and Pietro (click here to find out more), located in the heart of the Itrian Valley. Two beautiful holiday homes that combine perfect tradition and comfort.

From here you can easily visit, for example, Gargano Valley, the long stretches of Tavoliere delle Puglie, reach the Adriatic or Ionian Sea or also Matera, historical “Città dei sassi” (Stones City) and European Culture Capital of 2019.

Have you got other desires? Have you got any questions? Contact us! We’re waiting for you…


Want to discover the most beautiful and interesting localities of Puglia and in the Itrian Valley?

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