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From Oscar to orecchiette: the British actress Helen Mirren "studies" in Puglia

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Helen Mirren and her Oscar Prize
Helen Mirren and her Oscar Prize

Last night the Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren surprised how many people were in the historic center of Melissano turning into a Puglian housewife and trying to do by hand the typical fresh pasta "orecchiette" (little ears) in one of the stands set up for the SlowFood "CiboPerBacco" event.

The British actress, following the instructions of the owner of an artisan pasta factory in Aradeo who was showing the public how orecchiette are prepared, stopped to listen and then tried it herself successfully, arousing the applause of the many present.

Helen Mirren now spends a lot of time in Salento (Puglia), where, together with her husband, the director Taylor Hackford (yesterday left home for an indisposition), she owns a sixteenth-century farm in Tiggiano (Lecce).

The actress around the stands reiterated her love for Puglia, where she participates in numerous initiatives to protect the environment. "It is a wonderful land - she said - and there are many reasons to stay here, like its food but above all its people".

[Free translated article from ANSA]

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