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Italian language, food and lifestyle: all together with Roberta Capotondi

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Next September 4th-11th Hermione Homes will host in Villa San Domenico "Puglia & Matera 2019", the special R.italy tour. Don't miss the opportunity to live the original experience of Apulian lifestyle while visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Italy is one of the most loved countries in the world!

Thanks to its history, culture, arts, good food and "dolce vita", Italy every year attracts almost 95 million people all around the world, 14 million coming from United Kingdom. Just in the month of August, 1.1 million tourists will arrive in Puglia, the most visited region of Southern Italy according to Federalberghi, the main Italian hotel association.


Find out more about Puglia, simply the best...


So Italy is the 4th most visited country of the world and Italian is also the 4th most studied language.

Infact the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, stated that...

«Italian is often associated with beauty, our literature, art, fashion, eating, dressing, in short, good living, the idea of "dolce vita". But it is also the story of our emigration, which brought Italian dialects and Italian into the world»

On the other hand, where else can you speak the Dante's Language while walking on the streets of the ancient Greeks, eating a tasty pasta dish or drinking a glass of Negroamaro?

Foog, pasta, Italy, taste, language, friends
Eating Italian, drinking Italian, learning Italian with old and new friends

Just this is the experience that Hermione Homes wants to offer you visiting Puglia and living one of our optional tours like that to the archaeological and historical sites or live art and cooking classes.

Besides, exceptionally, from 4 to 11 September our Villa San Domenico will host a special Italian course with Roberta Capotondi of R.italy.


Roberta Capotondi, founder of R.italy blog, is a qualified Italian teacher and language trips organiser.

Here her greetings for you:

«Ciao! I’m Roberta and I’m here to offer you the best experience to live like an Italian and to improve your ability to speak fluently. This is not a school, it is a journey that allows you to experience the language in every moment of your staying, in real life, not in the classroom. Learning by living the language...»


Hermione Homes and R.italy are now together to offer you "Puglia & Matera 2019", a special Italian course that will be hosted in Villa San Domenico.

The program of Puglia & Matera 2019 provides:

  • Transfer from/to Bari or Brindisi International Airports;

  • Welcome dinner;

  • Transports (by car) to all the cities we visit;

  • Every day excursions, city walks and activities;

  • Traditional cookery lesson “le orecchiette” and lunch with an Italian family;

  • Traditional cookery lesson “i taralli” with wine/olive oil tasting ;

  • Italian lessons every day, aperitifs conversations, meetings with locals and other interactive experiences.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn Italian language walking through two UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Alberobello and Matera!

Discover and live the experiences, beauties and traditions of Puglia, Itria Valley and Matera with a wonderful mother tongue teacher like Roberta!

But beware: there are still only two places available!

Hurry to book your place!

Not at 1,185 €, not at 985 €

but at the super Last Minute price of 800 €!!!

offer, last minute offer, Hermione Homes, R.italy, Roberta Capotondi, italian, italian teaching, italian course

Contact us to book or to get information or click here to find out more...


Villa San Domenico is a traditional, renovated and comfortable Puglian trullo, gifted of a large swimming pool and situated in Martina Franca, a little Baroque town in the province of Taranto, almost exactly halfway between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas.

Martina Franca and our Villa San Domenico are easily accessible in about an hour's drive both from Bari and Brindisi International Airports.

Within the same time you can reach Matera, the famous "Città dei Sassi" that is UNESCO World Heritage site, while in about 10 minutes there is another UNESCO World heritage, Alberobello, with other incredible places, full of character, history and culture.

Contact us to get more information and to access to our Last Minute Offer

...and come to seize the opportunity of learning Italian language and living the original experiences of Apulian life

Not at 1,185 €, not at 985 €,

but at the super Last Minute price of 800 €!!!


Would you like to discover the most beautiful and interesting localities of Puglia and in the Itria Valley, like Alberobello, Matera and many others?

  • Go to Hermione Holiday Homes page;

  • enter your e-mail;

  • download Enjoy Your Puglia, Enjoy Your Trullo, the special gift that we have carried out for you.

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